Terralenx® is the innovative fabric made by LTA s.r.l. designed for the protection and growth of plants in nurseries and gardens, ideal for professional horticulture and for the realization of green terraces, roofing gardens, and vertical green.

It is made of natural fibres and super-absorbent fibers bonded mechanically.

Terralenx® is free of chemical binders and helps save and increase the productivity thanks to its features, such as:

  • Mulching effect
  • Reduction of daily water consumption
  • Thermal and stabilizing insulation
  • Reduction of weeds

Protection of the waterproofing layer in the roofing


Terralenx® Plus

Long-lasting felts, super-absorbent and with mulching effect

Terralenx® Bio Plus

Biodegradable felts, super-absorbent and with mulching effect