Sectors and production

LTA produces technical non-woven materials and open-cells, elastic, breathable, and water-based dispersion latex foams.

More than 95% of all production cycle of LTA is carried out in our main site in Carmignanello, and with particular attention to the ecosystem in which we are housed.

The external production concerns exclusively the additional processes required by the customers, such as customized printings, lamination, and adhesivization.

The fibers, acquired by different suppliers globally, are blended, carded and needle punched. The resulting semi-finished products are then treated in different ways depending on the kind of the article: coating, lamination, and foaming with water-based products.
As of last, the finished products are cut into sheets or rolled up.

Over 80% of raw materials come from recycling as the wasting of the processing stages, such as extrusion, spinning, and weaving, are collected and reused.

This choice underlines the will of LTA to respect the environment and dialogue with it, both through its final product and during the whole production process.

In this direction, LTA has undersigned the principles of the Detox commitment sponsored by Greenpeace, pledging to remove every hazardous chemical from its emissions into the environment, and reduce and maintain a priority use of the supply chain resources in a fair and global context.