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In the heart of the footwear

Each step is important.

LTA produces non-woven fabrics and latex foams intended for the technical components of footwear, offering to the user a significantly better experience, and reducing the overall environmental impact of the production chain.
Many products are available in a wide range of eco-sustainable FSC- and GRS-certified materials.

To make eco-sustainable shoes you need eco-sustainable materials. And we do have them

Technical felts

LTA produces technical textile articles designed to meet numerous industrial needs, with reference to the plotter cutting, insulation, and fire-resistance sectors.

No Flame

From LTA Research and Development department, a new range of non-woven aramidic fabrics from recycled fibers is born.
All the products are flame-resistant, free of chemical additives or flame retardants, asbestos, and other fibers with mandatory labelling.


Felts made of UHMWPE for punching-, fragmentation-, and cut- protection devices.

Transport vehicles

LTA offers a range of non-woven fabrics designed for public transport and automotive applications.
Most of the materials are GRS-certified.

Digocar – thermos-mouldable panels for interiors and trunks.

NO FLAME – flame-resistant and fire-barrier felts.

Dynafelt – Cut-, punching- and fragmentation-resistant materials made of UHMWPE felts.


Terralenx® is the innovative non-woven fabric produced by LTA S.r.l. for the protection and growth of plants in nurseries and gardens.
This material is ideal for professional horticulture and the design and construction of green terraces, roof gardens, and vertical greenery.

A conscious choice

Environmental commitment and certifications

We want to give a contribution to the equilibrium of the Ecosystem
by renewing the harmony of human steps with the environment

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