Personal protection


LTA srl offers a wide range of felts made of ballistic tech fibres, specially designed for personal protection.

It’s a non-Woven textile material, made in various weights, using UHMWPE fibers (such as Dyneema®) or Para and Meta Aramid fibers (such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, or Nomex®). Due to its features, it is perfect for producing personal protective equipment and clothing, as it’s capable of resisting the penetration of small fragments or the projection of splinters, as well as cut- and fire-resistant.


From LTA Research and Development department, a new range of non-woven aramidic fabrics from recycled fibers is born.

All the products are flame-resistant, free of chemical additives or flame retardants, asbestos, and other fibers with mandatory labelling

The NoFlame line is particularly suitable and qualified as a fire barrier, and it finds its application in the public transport sector, with specific reference to the railway and aeronautic sector.  These fireproof products are designed to produce personal protective equipment for those professions most exposed to the risk of flame and heat.

The NoFlame line can also be implemented in the creation of fireproof upholstery in public entertainment environments, such as cinemas and theatres, ensuring all the facilities have maximum safety for spectators.



Cut- and penetration-resistant UHMWPE felts


Flame-resistant aramidic felts