A range of Non-Woven Fabrics designed to produce thermoformable panels, insulating coatings and fillers for the automotive sector and transport vehicles in general.

These non-woven needle-punched fabrics, both impregnated or not with synthetic resins in water dispersion, are produced in thermos-formable sheets or rolls.

The high quality of the components makes this material perfect to produce self-supporting thermos-formable panels with high rigidity and dimensional stability. All the products of the Digocar line are made with GRS-certified recycled polyester fibers.

Digocar products can be customized with prints, or laminated with various d├ęcor fabrics, and can be water repellent, antistatic, antibacterial or flame retardant treated.

They comply with the European regulations regarding dangerous chemicals.

Riciclabile e Biodegradabile

Massimo Comfort

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