A non-woven fabric made of synthetic fibers, specifically thermos-bonding fibers, free of chemical binders.

For this reason, it has strong thermo-formability features and can be used both as a flat or thermos-moulded insole and as interlining or vamp lining.

This material is available in a range of weights, in the conductive version, or with surface prints (on request).

Due to its excellent stability and abrasion resistance, breathability, and vapour permeability, it is particularly suitable for use in heavy-duty applications

Available also in certified GRS-fibers versions

Minor resistenza evaporativa Ret = Maggior Comfort

Perfetta incollabilità e montaggio a termoplastico

Struttura tessile per una elevata flessibilità,
traspirabilità ed assorbimento dell’umidità

Resistenza alle flessioni ripetute anche in ambiente umido, all’abrasione ed alla delaminazione