Brand-new thermos-formable material, especially suitable for removable insocks and footbeds.

Hi-absorbent and breathable, it has excellent resilience, elasticity, thermal insulation, and mechanical characteristics for maximum comfort.

It absorbs the moisture generated when wearing the shoes and releases it quickly when the shoes are stored.

Washable, abrasion-resistant, and easy to thermoform, it can also be used for flat insocks.

It is available in different thicknesses, also coated with L-Memory foams and lining fabrics.

Minor resistenza evaporativa Ret = Maggior Comfort

Perfetta incollabilità e montaggio a termoplastico

Struttura tessile per una elevata flessibilità,
traspirabilità ed assorbimento dell’umidità

Resistenza alle flessioni ripetute anche in ambiente umido, all’abrasione ed alla delaminazione