A range of insulating materials, effective at very low temperatures

Our articles in the Polar range are designed to offer maximum thermal insulation, especially in winter

shoes designed for extreme cold. They are made with blends of natural fibers combined with high resilience fibers, to guarantee a stable, long-lasting, and super-breathable “insulating pad”. They prevent stagnation of moisture and help to reduce the typical cold sensation of closed hull winter shoes.

Available in various thicknesses and weights, both in soft and medium stiff and self-standing versions.

A range of materials for high-resilience and heat-insulating inner lining

Maximum dimensional stability and seam stitch tightness

Super breathable, prevents moisture stagnation

Naturally isolates from the cold, absorbs moisture from the foot

Disponibile in vari spessori e grammature
sia in versione morbida sia rigida ed autoportante