A complete range of non-woven felts designed for STROBEL sewing

Our Strong line is designed to perfectly meet the various technical requirements for sports shoes and sneakers midsoles. Designed for Strobel stitching and direct injection of the sole, it is also perfectly suited for flat stitching.

It is perfect for shoes made by direct injection or casting (both PU, PVC, and TR) as well as for glued soles or cemented shoes.

A complete range of products with an immediate delivery service, for many variants; available on request in any size, colour, or printed surface.

High toughness, Resilience, Flexibility, Sew-ability

Super strong and Lightweight, reinforced felt

Maximum dimensional stability and seam stitch tightness

Excellent resistance to direct injection of the sole

Available in a range of Thicknesses, Softness and Flexibility